I’m writing a song for every chapter in my novel.  I play and record everything myself – aka The American Songbook of the Dead (as suggested by RW Hedges). Click the arrow on the right to download the song. Downloads are a slightly better quality than the player.  For iPad users (or anyone who wants it) there’s also an mp3 link, or click here for a complete list.

The American Book of the Dead by Ash Tree


Introduction: Eugene Myers



mp3 link: Introduction

1: Gentleman Reptile

I Am a Lie

(story, lyrics)

mp3 link: I Am a Lie

2: President Wind Chill

3: Before War

4: Number 1 Dream

5: The Diplomat from Utopia

6: Number 2 Dream

7: Number 3 Dream

Shallow Lips

(story, lyrics)

mp3 link: Shallow Lips

8: 12-12



mp3 link: Aftermath

9: Time of the Americans

10: Interpretation of Dreams

11: The American Cell

12: God Bless America

This is a Journal (Carry Rooms)

13: Book of Revelations

I Walk the Line

14: North of Sunset


(story, lyrics)

mp3 link: Muse

A Lie of Degrees

(story, lyrics)

mp3 link: A Lie of Degrees

15: The Hot War

No Weather

(story, lyrics)

mp3 link: No Weather

16: Den of Iniquity

Dear World/Come on, Peace/Silver Lining

(story, lyrics)

mp3 link: Dear World/Come on, Peace/Silver Lining

17: Ice Cap

18: Descending on Los Angeles

Where the Green Grows/A Year in a Day

(story, lyrics)

mp3 link: Where the Green Grows/A Year in a Day

19: Marriage of the Lamb

20: The United States of Sumeria

21: King of Kings

22: The New City

The New City

(story, lyrics)

mp3 link: The New City

23: Coup de Grace

24: Second Crucifixion


(story, lyrics)
mp3 link: Tonight

Epilogue: A.D.