Snow Crop Circles

This seems to me the best debunking of crop circles yet.  One of the more-egregious claims in Thrive is that man-made crop circles are all sloppy.  They’re not.  Here’s your evidence, and these are very clearly made by one person.  They’re incredibly cool – and begs the question, why didn’t aliens do this first?

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  1. Dubunkers and pseudosceptics are so weary. I’ll bookmark this and come back and explain why you are wrong when it’s finalised rather than suffer poorly researched opinions. In the mean time read Dr Judy Woods ‘Where did the towers go’ for a solid intro into field energy tech.

    Unless of course you’re still breast feeding on the 911 commission report.

  2. Henry Baum says:

    What does my opinion on crop circles have to do with my opinion on 9-11?

    For the record, I have questions about both. If you did poke around, you’d find I’m not a debunker. Actually, when I posted this I realized it was the closest I’ve come to being dismissive of an issue like this, which I’m not:

    It was mainly a reaction to Thrive’s total credulousness about crop circles, which I watched yesterday. The idea that humans aren’t capable of something this majestic bugs me.

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