Idolatry of the Worst Sort


Mother Jones:

In a message sent out under The Response’s official letterhead, Allan Parker, one of Perry’s organizers, described the event in less-than-ecumenical terms:

This is an explicitly Christian event because we are going to be praying to the one true God through His son, Jesus Christ. It would be idolatry of the worst sort for Christians to gather and invite false gods like Allah and Buddha and their false prophets to be with us at that time. Because we have religious liberty in this country, they are free to have events and pray to Buddha and Allah on their own. But this is time of prayer to the One True God through His son, Jesus Christ, who is The Way, The Truth, and The Life.

Meanwhile, Perry is meeting with the Koch brothers – the architects of economic collapse, which leads people to pray to God to fix economic problems, rather than pointing fingers at the real live people who are causing the problems – the very person who is organizing the religious rally. This is how Christian fascism is born.

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