Mike Clelland offers this ominous comment on the Secret Sun blog.

I have sat in the ufo abductee support group circles, and for what its worth, there is a palpable sense of urgency.

Everybody (near 100%) of the people who have the experience say something is going to happen – soon.

I’ve been listing to Mike Clelland’s podcasts lately, which are interesting.  A very good voice – sincere and open, but careful about not being too credulous.  I actually read most of Chuck Weiss’s book recently, which was entertaining, but he sometimes seems to me to be reporting speculation as fact.  Then again, maybe abductees really are tapped into something I couldn’t possibly understand.  I did have another UFO dream last night – traveling on a UFO with a bunch of people – but then this topic is obviously on my mind a lot.

Meanwhile, Obama wants to spy on our internet activity.

Essentially, officials want Congress to require all services that enable communications — including encrypted e-mail transmitters like BlackBerry, social networking Web sites like Facebook and software that allows direct “peer to peer” messaging like Skype — to be technically capable of complying if served with a wiretap order. The mandate would include being able to intercept and unscramble encrypted messages.

About this, Andrew Sullivan writes: “This logic would be a good basis for a science fiction story about the invention of telepathy, and the government’s inevitable insistence that it needs to tap into our brains.”

Wait, I’m writing that story.  At least, sort of.  But let’s look at this for a second: assume that ET UFOs are 100% real.  The government is deciding how and when to initiate contact.  Maybe the ET’s are saying – enough with the secrecy already, we’re doing this.  The government’s concern is that this could increase the amount of terrorism.  I won’t say this justifies the Patriot Act, or what Obama’s doing, but when you look at government action through the lens of the UFO issue, things change dramatically.  Al Qaeda is a front for attempts to control the population for entirely different reasons.  If UFO disclosure happened and fundamentalists of every kind starting losing their heads and bombing each other, would you want the government to spy on us?  Imagine if a 9-11 event didn’t happen once every ten years (or once a generation), but once a day.  If the UFO issue is that volatile – especially if UFO propulsion technology got into the wrong hands – at what point does the Patriot Act seem reasonable?  They’re planting the seeds now for when the world truly loses control.  A hypothetical scenario, not a desire.

The Luminosity blog reports this bit of fear:

A common dream that many abductees often have is that of witnessing a literal alien invasion.  I have had this dream countless times in many variations.  The most common of which is walking through a field and approaching a bridge.  While in this field, the backdrop of my dream is seeing alien ships flying everywhere.  This dream always leaves me with a sense of dread and wonder at the same time. Also there is a sense that I am witnessing a future event, mainly the world going crazy while this independence day scenario plays out.  I get the strong sense that “they” would much rather I go with the sense of wonder than the dread that is also present.  Whatever variation this dream comes in, I am always aware that I am on my way to meet certain people at certain places because I have a job to do.  The “event” is simply my activation, which finally allows me to access the information that has been hidden from my conscious mind.

Again, IF ET disclosure is going to happen, the “invasion” wouldn’t even have to be a bunch of lizard-looking aliens out to enslave and eat us.  If they said, “We come in peace,” their very presence would be seen as an invasion to those holding tightly to Apocalyptic religious traditions.  What they would be destroying is the current paradigm, not necessarily blowing up the Empire State Building.  People might do that all themselves. Could be wrong on that, of course, but I tend to trust primitive humans less than an alien race that might be a million years ahead of us.  If they’re that advanced, and they were intent on killing us, we’d be dead already.  Meanwhile, we kill each other daily.

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