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Basically speaking, Final Events is a study of a think-tank group comprised of personnel from within the U.S. Government, military and intelligence community that has existed in stealth for a surprisingly long time. The group believes that while the UFO issue is a very real one, they do not believe it has anything to do with literal extraterrestrials.

Rather, the group – which calls itself the Collins Elite – concludes that the “aliens” are, in reality, literal demonic entities that are trying to seduce us with a false lure of supposed alien technology, and to – quite literally – steal and farm our souls. The group claim to have discovered evidence that these demonic entities – that seem to utilize a weird combination of advanced technology and archaic rite and ritual – derive a form of “energy sustenance” from the human soul or life force.

In other words, they don’t want to land on the White House lawn and help us, nor do they want to destroy us. Rather, they want to maintain the herd, and upon our physical deaths, extract the human life-force as sustenance. The Collins Elite believes this has been going on since the dawning of civilization and that the ET motif is the latest in a long line of deceptive images they have used, and that in the past have included gods, angels, Jinns, fairies, goblins, etc etc.

I like Christopher Knowles theory at the blog – that the “demon” is not a literal demon, but a “presence” that could crumble the foundation of Christianity. As such, they dig into their beliefs harder, as is the case with the When Prophecy Fails syndrome.

Another interview at Mike Clelland’s blog.

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  1. BillyClyde says:

    The Collins Elite are an interesting bunch. The blog tries to put a spin on them that’s not really there though. In a nutshell this obscure federally funded think tank basically validated everything that Christians have always said about UFOs, gods, angels, Jinns, fairies, goblins, etc. The group did this using verifiable facts. If you want more details there’s an episode of the futurequake show that talks about the Collins Elite. Here’s the link.


  2. Hitch says:

    I have a great respect for people of faith, which comes from meeting and talking with people who can genuinely express their feelings on the subject and how they came to it, but also, because I have not had such an experience or epiphany that would lead me to follow a particular religios faith. Consequently, when it comes to people of religion talking about UFO’s, aliens, Jinns, fairies, goblins, etc being of demonic origin as opposed to extra-terrestrial (ie not of this planet) I struggle with the concept. The initial response from such believers is that it is because I do not ‘believe’; but surely is it not reasonable to suggest that there are other ‘races’ out there? I come to this reasoning from two points: the first and most obvious, are the different races of people here on earth. The Chinese look different to the British Caucaisons as how the Aborigines look different to the Native American Indians (and so on and so forth). Thus our own planet contains varying racial types. The second part of my reasoning comes from the mathematics relating to the potential for habital planets within our universe. The Drake equasion pretty much dictates that it is literally impossible for us to be alone in the universe. Consequently, is it not reasonable to suggest that the things that some identify as Demons could quite literally be just other species?. To suggest their intent towards us may be hostile or friendly is debatable because our exisiting human race is capable of both friendship and hostility to its own kind; just to assume that something is ‘evil’ seems un-realistic to me (albeit not implausible!). My final point on this, comes from two historical events; The first being that the universal belief was that the world was flat and only when we discovered that it wasn’t did we change our belief and the second was the Hartlepool Monkey which basically is a historical event that the people of Hartlepool tortured and hung a primate; believing it was a Frenchman. Crazy? Perhaps, but an example of how we, as human beings, make decisions of ‘what things are’ through belief before we actually prove things differently. The ultimate point and thus the ultimate keyword for what I am saying; is belief. Those that believe in God, do so and will defend their belief; as will those who believe in Allah, Extra Terrstrial Life, Sasquatch, Atlantis, The Annunaki, String Theory and so on. I just feel that if such ‘beings’ exist beyond our world; it does not negate those of religious belief, it just suggests that perhaps ours was not the only world that God created, lets face it, if the Bible was about ALL of the worlds that God created, imagine how big it could possibly be? Openmindedness, to me, is the future of co-operation; not only for our own people (and we need it badly) but could also be the future for our existence within a universe that it is ‘unlikely’ we are alone in?

  3. Hitch says:

    To Billy Clyde.

    Thank you for the link, I found it very ineteresting and informative. However; to suggest that the Collins Elite validated everything that Christians have always said regarding ufo’s (etc) through verifiable facts just isn’t true. I say this purely because everything points back to ‘someones’ belief and as such, a belief is not verifiable unless backed up by empirical evidence such as the afore mentoined Earth not being flat. A shared belief does not make the belief a fact; just a shared belief. I mean no offense by this because I believe that you believe it and thus respect your decision; but it offers me nothing in ‘fact’ or ‘truth’ and thus; I cannot agree with you.

  4. BillyClyde says:

    Hello Hitch
    You seem like a decent sort of guy but you’re not understanding the situation. Faith isn’t an issue here. We must look at what can be deduced by the facts we have. I admit that we can’t prove anything conclusively, it’s difficult to positively prove something that can’t be held in your hand or even photographed. So we are stuck with circumstantial evidence. Think about this rationally. If our planet were to make some kind of contact with intelligent people from another planet, what would we talk about? Science and technology of course. ‘We have these climates on our planet, what about you guys? what’s your planet like? We use such and such irrigation techniques, what do you use? We use a blast furnace to smelt iron ore, how do you people do it? Have you split the atom yet? Have you figured out cold fusion?’ But when these so called aliens do contact us this is never the case, they always seem to talk about spiritual mumbo jumbo such as light working, spiritual healing, ascended masters and other such unlikely items. This just isn’t what logic suggests it would be like. Another thing should stand out in your mind if you have your logical thinking cap on. Suppose your an alien and you want to contact the earth, who will you contact? The obvious first choices would be government officials or maybe the scientific community. Your least likely choice would be religious gurus. Yet these supposed aliens always seem to initiate communication with spiritualists and new age gurus of various types. This makes no sense. Now here’s a real smoking gun. An alien abduction can be stopped by an abductee speaking the name of Jesus.
    It doesn’t matter what you believe in regards to religion. This just doesn’t add up. Why would an alien visitor suddenly end an encounter just because someone said something and spoke a particular name. Regardless of whether the alien was good or evil there would be no reason for an alien to end an encounter due to any verbal statement. But they do when that name is spoken and they do it immediately. This suggests that we are dealing with something other than aliens from another planet. Think logically, what does the data we have suggest to you?
    As for the drake equation it is rendered zero by the first variable, the R factor, which is the number of stars formed per year. A non zero number is assumed to exist for this variable but the fact is the birth of a star has never been observed yet. We have watched stars die but never form. With google you can find all sorts of descriptions of how stars are formed but buried in the text is the admission that star formation has never been observed. The other six variables in the equation are also quantities of things not yet observed or even known to exist.


  5. Tiluriso says:

    That may all be, but here are some fact: There’s at least one famous abduction case that occurred in Brazil in 1976: a Baptist minister and his then wife. the guy tried repeatedly to invoke Jesus Christ name as well as to perform an exorcism on the humanoid- since that from his background he assumed he’d been kidnapped by the devil, but it had no effect whatsoever on the situation, the entity kept on communicating w/ the guy- telepathically and then through some sort of machine, and eventually let them both go. What do you make of this ‘alien’? a Baptized demon?Also the ‘Logic’ mentioned is according to our -Human- standards really about what’s ‘possible’ or likely to be, etc… may not apply to other intelligences from other dimensions. the truth may simpler: humans may not be at the top of the ‘food’ chain. Example: Human, raise, breed, feed, take care of heard of animal- cows, pig, sheep, and WE USE THEM ACCORDING TO OUR OWN NEEDS/INTERESTS: WE MILK THEM ,SLAUGHTER THEM , USE THEIR SKINs, ECT…From the stand point of the animals WE- HUMANS ARE THE ‘EVIL TRICKSTERS WHO HAVE NO COMPASSION OR PITY OF THEM’. but we Humans think:No, nothing personal,that’s NOT the case, we merely do what we have to do because we need to feed. So you see, ‘THEY might simply be operating on top of the ‘food chain’ and I mean this not necessarily they ‘EAT out flesh’ – the whole concept of ‘EAT YOUR SOUL’ is more akin to assimilating, aggregating – imprisoning or enslaving it, to use a more religious/ eschatology term. Also since we;re talking, Angels, demons, Jesus ,etc… ‘logic’ as we know it is out the window. Of Course many UFO events have not been in our best interest and have cause harm and/ or death to us, but we may simply be ‘cattle’ to some of them” Nothing personal, i just need your energy /soul to be a part/strengthen my ‘aggregate’ – systems theory might also shed some light on this’ architecture of cosmic scales’, for the lack of a better term.And then there’s this: UFOs may ‘seem’ to appear only to ‘nuts and spiritualists, but that’s not the case at all, since lots of close encounters are very traumatic, and the victims feel used, and want nothing to do w/ them ever again.One last note; many Christian fundamentalists associate paranormal phenomena w/ so-called new-age/pagan/demonic influences. But if you look soberly at both Old and New Testaments, any ‘miracle’ described is indistinguishable from that very same paranormal events or relate to concepts from other religions – Hinduism in particular: The Burning bush- plasma orb + telepathic communication; locust/frog plagues & river turning to blood – ‘Fortean’ phenomenon & alchemy; parting of the Red Sea- poltergeist phenomenon, Ten Commandments- first ‘channeled’ book; Jesus walking on water-levitation/poltergeist phenomenon; Multiplication of fish, turning water to wine – aportation/materialization & transmutation of matter/alchemy; Healing the sick/blind – psychic/spiritual surgery, resurrection – ‘Reincarnation into the same body. ‘Alien ‘ may be nothing more than otherdimensionally-existing, biological (that is, living) entities who operate according to laws of physics we’ re unaware of right now and which enable them – and us potentially – to perform ‘ miracles, UFOs and related spiritual entities may be beyond good and evil in general, maybe w/ a majority of ‘evil’ (to us) – ‘the demons’
    and a minority of ‘good guys’ like our good JC, the Angels and perhaps the Buddah, and those who have chose correctly and decided to become ‘aggregates’ w/ the righteous ones- and therefore become part of the ‘energy system/chain/ frequency of the true benevolent one – THE REAL GOD

  6. BillyClyde says:

    Hi Tiluriso
    I have never heard of the case you mentioned in Brazil in 1976. A web search turned up negative. Without more data on the case there’s no way I could comment on it in any positive way. I disagree with you about logic being applicable only to human standards. The rules of logic would apply anywhere and any time. Even in another dimension an intelligent entity would look at his goal and then logically consider courses of action to achieve that goal. The entity would then take the course of action most likely to succeed. Think about it, if they are as intelligent and advanced as they want us to think why haven’t they contacted us using technology. If they contacted us with technology it would be provable to skeptics. But instead they contact us in through spiritualists and new age gurus and always in ways that cannot be verified. An advanced intelligence would know that very few of us are going to believe a spiritualist when he says that he has been contacted by aliens. It doesn’t add up. It leads me to think that they can’t contact us through technology and thus are not as advanced as they want us to think. Anyway the idea that they are more advanced than us doesn’t come from any evidence. It’s merely a claim that they make. Really why should an alien race be more advanced than us? There’s just as good a chance that we are more advanced than them. The so called aliens always claim that they are an advanced race come to steer us in the right direction but there is no evidence to even suggest that is true. If it is why are they operating in the shadows? And why haven’t they made contact via technology?
    Here’s a nice tidbit of evidence. Alien abductees often talk about being in a space ship surrounded by technology however when an abductee terminates an abduction using the name of Jesus the abductee is instantly back where he started from and the space ship interior vanishes instantly. This strongly suggests that the abductee was never in a space ship to start with. Abductees are often operated on when abducted but afterwards there is never a wound or scar or anything to suggest that the operation really happened. The evidence suggests that abductions are really just a vision or dream of some sort, like a video feed that can be instantly interrupted. Taking this into consideration it seems obvious that these things whatever they may be are lying about a lot of things and they don’t like us. I can’t prove that they are demons but I believe that I can point out that they are doing just what you would expect a demon to do, lie.
    As for what you said about aggregates, energy, systems, chains, frequency, etc. That’s getting too much into religion and will lead to a pointless discussion because neither of us can prove what we believe. I do have beliefs but for discussions here I am sticking with what I can state based on logic and known data.

    Thanks for responding

  7. johnnyd says:

    i think the multidimensional theory makes more sense when looking at the phenomenon from a historical point.In his books Jaques vallee touches on many of the interesting aspects of folklore and fairy tale which seem to parallel the modern ufo subject in many demons,jinn,fairies,goblins etc shared many traits with what we now describe as ufos.
    Perhaps the large hadron collider could be the key to finally discovering these other dimensions which science has theorised about for so long .
    What if the human soul is actually the ultimate power source,able to fuel all the energy needs of the advanced interdimensional tricksters who were known in a bygone age as demons….just a thought

  8. Justina says:

    how on earth would this demonic “presence” crumble the foundation of Christianity? It CONFIRMS it! Christ went about casting out demons, He and the Apostles warn us in The Bible about deceiving spirits and in any case the demonic ETs are hardly a presence in an impersonal sense so much as individuals bound into a hive mind of sorts. I think some are physical, some are demons, some are physical and partnered with demons. What kind of Christianity have you been exposed to, that you think this information is a threat to it?

  9. Henry Baum says:

    Justina, you’ve got a point – and my newest book (which I’m currently working on) covers exactly your scenario. However, the point isn’t that they are literally demons, but that some believers would call any ET entity a demon, regardless of its origin. This might be a reaction to the ETs being from another planet – which throws a wrench into Genesis, and would challenge faith. And Christian fundamentalists also often fight what is necessary part of the End Times. Such as fearing that Obama is the Anti-Christ. Well, if he is, good: you should welcome it, b/c that means Jesus is almost here. So people would fear demons as much as (likely more) see it as vindicating faith.

  10. Cris Putnam says:


    If you are going to argue a counter example it would be helpful if you provided a source, a mere assertion is not evidence. I have been searching the internet for this Baptist minister case in Brazil and I’m not seeing any returns. Please provide the source.

  11. sisterpriscilla says:

    First of all I would like to mention that a lot of the comments here seem to come from well educated believers and nonbelievers. I would like to point out to my fellow Christians that Christ said we could banish Demons in His name. What are demons? According to early Christian demonology, which was inspired by the Book of Enoch, demons are the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim (the giant hybrid children of human women & fallen angels). When the Flood happened, the physical human bodies of the nephilim were destroyed,but their spirit halves remained earthbound. These are the Demons that possess & influence people, which Christ said we can cast out using His name. That being said,the cases where people are being abducted and experimented on doesn’t necessarily have to be demonic. If demons have no physical bodies of their own,how can they be experimenting on and abducting humans? The truth here is that these are not Demons as I just explained,but Fallen Angels. I don’t recall our Lord saying we could cast out or banish Fallen Angels now did he? No, because I believe only the Lord himself can banish these beings. Fallen angels are not of this earth, therefore requiring a nonearthly source to banish them. However, demons are bound to this world,which is why we humans have power over them through faith in Christ. I believe some of these major cases are not the act of Demons, but Fallen Angels. Anyone catch my drift? Now I do believe that Prayer during an incident of abduction and experimentation would be more appropriate than exorcism,so God knows your situation and will find a way to get you out of it. Shalom <3

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  13. BillyClyde says:

    No one has ever been physically abducted and experimented on. Abductees are often operated on during abductions but afterward there is never a scar or a wound to indicate that the operation really happened. The evidence suggests that alien abductions are just a vision or dream of some sort.

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