The Flying Saucer by Bernard Newman

Learned about this 1948 novel about a staged UFO invasion while reading Mirage Men.

Strange rockets crash to earth in England, the USSR and in America’s New Mexico desert…The political and military leaders of the world are shocked into an unprecedented unity. To fight this common enemy, they must resolve their planet-bound antagonisms, from Cold War tensions to violent standoffs in Ireland and Palestine. But are these martians real?

The first book to use the term ‘flying saucer’ in its title, this novel appeared in the wake of the Roswell incident and other UFO sightings, at a time when people feared both the threat from outer space and humanity’s tendency toward self-destruction. With a playful take on weighty matters, The Flying Saucer is a satisfying combination of science fiction and thriller, witty satire and political commentary.

Bernard Newman is shrouded in some amount of mystery. And this happened:

So, on my wishlist.

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