Clayton Morris – Paranormal Investigator

Think this is sort of interesting.  The guy who runs this paranormal web show:

Is also this guy, the weekend anchor for Fox & Friends.

I can’t say I’ve ever watched the weekend edition of Fox & Friends or any edition for that matter, short of the clips of Glenn Beck calling Obama a racist and other things, like the anchor who had to look up the word “ignoramus.”

But I wonder what the left/right divide is on paranormal topics.  On the one hand, the right seems more open to religion and superstition. Then again, the people on the left are acid-droppers and are actively seeking out weirdness.  So, I don’t know – maybe 50/50.

I do find it strange that not only a Fox anchor has a low budget paranormal show, but that he’s allowed to have a low budget paranormal show.

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