Robert Anton Wilson vs. The Noid

This happened in 2001:

In commercials for Domino’s Pizza, the chain’s employees wage a never ending battle against the Noid, a gremlin who delays deliveries and carries a gun that can turn a pizza ice cold. Many viewers are amused by the Noid, Domino’s says, but one of them took the advertising campaign personally. Last week Kenneth Noid, 22, walked into a Domino’s Pizza shop in Chamblee, Ga., with a .357 Magnum revolver and took two employees hostage. When police arrived, he demanded $100,000 in cash, a getaway car and a copy of The Widow’s Son, a 1985 novel about secret societies in an 18th century Parisian prison.

All Noid got was the pizza he ordered. After a five-hour siege, the two employees slipped away and Noid gave himself up. According to police, Noid has “psychological problems” and believes that he has an “ongoing dispute with Tom Monaghan,” the head of the Detroit-based Domino’s chain.

This is The Widow’s Son:

Just took a trip to Denver for the AWP conference – discussion revolved around how to promote a book.  Best way to sell books was determined that I could throw a copy of my novel at Sarah Palin at some public appearance, ala this:

How arrested would I be if I threw a book at a former Vice-Presidential candidate?  I’m not the book throwing type – nor do I want an American Taliban Fatwa on me ala Rushdie, which would be likely to happen.  What I need is a Noid character to chuck a book in Sarah Palin’s general direction.

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