Darryl Sloan has a post up about the Cremation of Care ceremony at Bohemian Grove – a singularly weird occurrence where a bunch of rich white men get together and have a pagan ceremony to clear away their worldly cares at the foot of an enormous wooden owl:

Not a joke – but not necessarily exposing the secret Satanic worship by people in power – though if Dick Cheney did worship something, you’d think that it was at least friendly with Satan.  Video here:

Regardless of Alex Jones’ overstatements about this, the idea that Bush, Cheney, and others are participating in that ritual is weird no matter how you look at it. I argue on Darryl Sloan’s blog that they’re not necessarily worshipful of the “occult” – it’s just a stupid play to let off steam.  Even so, these are dark people playing around with dark rituals.  It could even influence their actions indirectly, creating a mood where they can do whatever the they want.  It’s got a serious “masters of the universe” vibe.  So it’s not a case of: we’re worshiping our God.  It’s: we’re fucking around with things we don’t understand – i.e how they run government.

It occurred to me that owls also show up in abduction literature.  From Mike Clelland’s blog:

After all my years of compulsively reading UFO literature, I was keenly aware of the reoccurrence of owls as a screen memories as part of the experience reported by abductees. Consequently, I was aware that this might be a possibility.

Coincidence?  Of course not.  There are none. So you have:

  • Exhibit A: Powerful people worshiping a wooden owl.
  • Exhibit B: Abductees describing occurrences of seeing owls – until it is revealed under hypnosis that the owls are just a stand-in for wide-eyed greys.

  • Obvious conclusion: Powerful people worship the greys.

This is how insanity starts.

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