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How to make your sci-fi thing not suck


Believe it or not, your idea doesn’t matter. The important part is the delivery. Of course, it helps if your plot isn’t a complete load, too, but, the thing that matters most is the way you put it across. For further illustration, I present you my three favourite sci-fi…things and what you should take away from them.

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sci-fi Bravest Warriors

Bravest Warriors

Bravest Warriors is an amazing and almost completely underground cartoon from Frederator. All of its episodesair on YouTubeand it had run three seasons strong. The premise is simple: four teenage heroes-for-hire, cruise through the universe saving weird, adorable and weirdly adorable aliens. On its own, this idea is nothing to call home about, but, it shares the same creator as Adventure Time and as such, the same unpredictable spirit. This includes an episode where a time-wizard comes back to stop himself from going bald, a character that can make anything but just chooses to make toast and an elf named Wankershim that becomes the universe. It’s epic in its silliness, so the lesson here is don’t be afraid of your sense of humour.

sci-fi Her


With a very respectable score of 8/10 on IMDb, Her, was a very well written and evidently well received piece of sci-fi. It is a very calm approach to the development of A.I, that doesn’t feature a single human head being ripped from its body. In the movie, a young man develops a relationship with his operating system. As the story progresses, the A.I, or Savannah, learns what it means to really feel. At the end of the movie (spoiler alert), Samantha and the other operating systems simply ascend to a higher plain of consciousness. I think one of the reasons that this simple premise was decidedly worthy of an Oscar, was because, though it did focus on the relationship between the A.I system and human beings, it was more so intended to show Samantha’s growth into a sentient being rather than showing her simply as an issue for human kind (see terminator for reference). So, if your premise has been done, try to present it from another angle.

sci-fi Brandon Generator

Brandon Generator

This is yet another internet-based project you are unlikely to be aware of. Brandon Generator was a short, interactive sci-fi-series, funded by Internet Explorer (yeah, remember them?). Brandon, after drinking 13 expressos in a row and getting absolutely nothing done, passes out and awakes to find that he had written over a hundred pages of work. In an effort to figure out how, he goes to explore the outside world and finds his own personal nightmare. The twist here, is that in the break between each episode, viewers submitted their ideas, pictures and notes and together with the writers they, built the story. The result was a completely new concept, where our would-be hero runs away from a monster consisting entirely of coffee and for some reason wearing a hat, while pages of his viewers’ suggestions for escaping, fell from the sky. It was strange and marvellous, but like all good things, it ended too soon. At only four episodes long, I really wish I had more of it to obsess over, frantically. So before you start writing, you have to ask yourself, what can you create that absolutely no-one else can?

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